With COVID positive cases steadily dropping in our area we will be returning to inside drop off and pick up with parents signing children in and out daily, starting immediately. We will also not be requiring masks. We do ask that if you or an immediate family member are having any possible COVID Symptoms (see attached flyer) or other signs of Illness please mask, remain outdoors and Knock. A staff member will come to greet you and check your child in. Please follow this same procedure if you have had a known exposure. If you or your child are having possible Covid symptoms, please get tested and consult your doctor. The last thing we want, is to have to close because of an outbreak.

We will continue to ventilate as much as possible, do twice daily temperature checks of staff and children, and regularly clean and sanitize toys, equipment, and surfaces.

If your child has not gotten their COVID vaccine it is highly recommended that they do. This not only helps to protect them from serious illness but helps to protect our youngest children who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. Vaccination is a step we can all take to help minimize the chance of a shutdown. Talk to your doctor or visit www.vaccines.gov to find locations near you that have this and other vaccines available.

                                                                                    Thanks for your continued support,

                                                                                                   Ann and staff