Project Construct is an approach to teaching in the preschool, primary, and elementary grades that is based on what we know about learning. The project, begun by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MDESE) in 1986, incorporates theory-based curricula that are linked to state and national curriculum frameworks and standards.

Home Away From Home Child Care along with Project Construct feels that children learn best in a hands-on and mind-on environment where the children are experiencing the world around them. At Home Away From Home we try to teach the children things that they are interested in. We may spend three weeks on a theme if the children are interested and in contrast only one if their interests fade. Whatever the theme may be, rest assured your child will be learning early literacy, early math, science, and creative skills.

One of the most important areas of development for young children is Social/Emotional Development. When children can function in a group of their peers, express their needs and wants in an appropriate way, follow routines and simple directions then they are able to focus on more complex “Learning”.