Hello families,As we continue to try and navigate the current conditions we are in, due to COVID19, I wanted to touch base and let you know that I am continuing to stay informed on the latest information. HAFH has been very fortunate so far and in spite of a few small scares we have not had any direct exposure on the premises. As all of our families continue to be diligent in their efforts to reduce the risk of exposure I want to express my gratitude. It takes everyone of us to make sure we protect each other. With the children in such close proximity to each other and staff daily we know the chance for transmission is very real. We will continue to work hard to mitigate that risk as best we can by cleaning and sanitizing our environment as well as minimizing our own exposure outside these doors. I have also ordered some clear face masks and face shields for staff to try. I am hoping these will be more usable as a large part of communication between adults and child is in facial expressions and regular masks hinder this. Our babies and toddlers also don’t understand and naturally just want to touch them or pull them off our faces, thereby encouraging them to touch our faces more. With all this going on we are also working diligently to insure that we don’t neglect the social /emotional needs of the children. We recently spent sometime talking about how we stay safe everyday and now are talking about the people that help us stay safe. When we associate masks and washing hands with doctors, and stop lights and seat belts with police officers and fire safety and smoke detectors with fire fighters it gives the children a sense of security. They know that not only are there things they can do to stay safe but there are lots of people to help them including those listed and parents, families, and teachers. Life is full of uncertainties for everyone right now. As adults we are all feeling some level of stress with this. Please reach out to myself or staff if there is any way we can support your family or child during these times. Attached is the link to an interesting article I felt was worth sharing.
Ann Bouwhuis

How to recognize COVID-19 symptoms in children, based on pediatricians’ advice

How to recognize COVID-19 symptoms in children, based on pediatricians’ …Sandee LaMotte, Katia Hetter, Kristen Rogers and Ryan Prior, CNNNo worry is too small to reach out to your pediatrician, experts say.