Greetings to all our families who I and the rest of the staff dearly miss. I hope this finds everyone healthy and finding some joy in spite of our current circumstances. We are all faced with very unique challenges right now and please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is any thing that you need. I will do my best to help in anyway,  personally or by linking you with other resources.Since the beginning of the COVID19 spread in Missouri, Child Care licensing has given minimal direction or assistance to child care providers except to remind us to abide by CDC recommendations and State and local stay at home orders. http://http//

While over 40% of Missouri licensed childcare programs have closed, either temporarily or permanently, HAFH has chosen to remain open to serve our families employed by “essential businesses”. If you are employed in this capacity and have kept your child home but would like to return either on their previous schedule or even a modified schedule PLEASE contact me directly to make arrangements so I can schedule staff appropriately. The stay at home order currently limits us to 12 children per day. Until it is lifted we cannot care for more than 12 children,and parents/families must be  essential workers. Once the stay at home orders are lifted HAFH will need to collect originally agreed tuition from families in order to reserve your child’s spot.

Below are 2 additional links to articles that I feel as a child care professional of over 40 years need to be shared. Throughout my years of working with children and families it is continually frustrating that our society and government, in general, don’t value and respect the people responsible for the growth and development of our most vulnerable members of society. Once again, during this time when admiration and respect is justly being poured on our frontline essential workers, including grocery workers, nothing is being said about child care professionals who are making it possible for many of the frontline workers to be at work.