This week and next we are exploring the world of Bugs and spiders. Butterflies are always a favorite and offer lots to talk about from the many different varieties to their amazing life cycle. The kids love singing songs about bugs including “the Itsy Bitsy Spider”, The Ants Go Marching” and I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee”.

With June upon us we look forward to week-long celebration of Dads and all the great things we love about our dad’s. If your child has any special pictures of them doing something special with dad or grandpa please send them in to show and share at group time.

We will then be finishing off the month of June with a focus of “At The Beach and Under the Sea”. There is so many wonderful sea creatures to talk about from anemones to Sharks and Whales. No doubt, we will be singing “Baby Shark”. We will also be sorting sea shells and practicing our fishing skills with magnets.

With warmer weather comes WATER DAYS!!! The kids love the chance to play in the sprinkler, play with bubbles, have a car wash (with our little tykes riding toys), and whatever other messy activities we can think of. Our aim is to have a ”water day” once a week on rotating days so even our part time friends get the chance. Of course, it is weather permitting which can sometimes make it hard to schedule in advance. Please be sure your child has a swimsuit or change of clothes and shoes that can get wet and a towel, as well as an ample supply of extra summer clothes. Please label all items with your child’s name to help avoid confusion. One of the children’s favorite hot weather treats is Ice Pops. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!!!