Please join me in welcoming Mr Sam Oliphant to our staff. Sam is a 2017 graduate of Webster Groves High School where he also worked at their Preschool his senior year. He also assists at another preschool program in Webster that his mother directs so he comes to us with lots of enthusiasm and some great experience. Sam will begin his college education this August at St Louis Community College where he will begins his journey towards his Elementary Teaching Certification. Also joining us is Ms Jessica Harris. Ms Jessica currently works at MO Baptist Hospital as a patient care tech but has always had a passion for children and is really excited to join us and learn more about caring for children and operating a childcare program.

It sounds like everyone had a fun and safe holiday. The kids had a great time creating their patriotic art work including their firework pictures using wild flowers ( Queen Anne’s Lace) dipped in paint and creating their own giant flag on cardboard.

We have now begun our study of FRUIT. The kids are having a great time using their senses to learn about fruit. We are able to talk about how they look as we play “What’s Missing” with the plastic fruit, We are able to talk about how they feel as we try to identify them just by feeling them in a pillow case, and we have been smelling fruit as well every time we have it at meals and snacks. We will also be using our taste buds to tryout some different dried fruits as we talk about how they are different from their fresh counterparts. Next week we would like to make “Friendship Fruit Salad” as. a group. Please have you child bring a piece or small bag of their favorite fruit to contribute to our salad on Thursday. Some other yummy recipes the children will be helping to prepare are Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Mini Cherry Pies, and Fruit Pizza.


Per Policy:

*Tuition is due on Friday for the following week is is charged by the week. So if you pay for more than a week at a time be sure it is in the drop box before Tuesday at closing to avoid late fees being charged. Late fees are charged per child.

*We close at 6 pm to allow staff time to have dinner with their families or attend classes & workshops and for the children to be home in time for a family dinner. This is an important part of quality family time. Please arrive at school in time to gather your child, their belongings and have that quick but important conversation about your child’s day and still be out the door so the staff on duty can lock up by 6pm. Late fees will be charged at $1 per minute ,per child not signed out and out the door by 6 pm.

  • Thanks for your understanding and cooperation