Lately we’ve been having lots of fun noticing all the springtime changes happening around us. As the weather gets warmer bugs, animals and people are more active outdoors. With this in mind, if you haven’t brought in mosquito spray and sunscreen and would like it applied to your child for outside play please do so ASAP. Also please check your child’s cubbie to be sure it is stocked with a change of clothes that are size and weather appropriate. State Licensing requires that all children have a blanket that is washed weekly please be sure they bring one from home labeled with their name and that it gets washed every weekend. With the days getting warmer we aim to have “water days” once a week,  weather pemitting. If at all possible, please be sure that your child has a swimsuit or change of clothes that they can get wet and messy , including shoes, in their cubbie. They will also need a towel. Please label all items so we can return them to the proper owner when they get separated.

Any day now the eggs may start to hatch. The children are bursting with anticipation and have been heard taking to each other about what will hatch from the eggs. They have predicted everything from chickens to dinosaurs.

This week and next week’s activities will be planned around the theme Farm to tie into the eggs hatching. The children are already excited to see the barn and farm animals added to the block area.