As I’m sure you have noticed we recently wrapped up our focus on kings, queens, castles and dragons. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating dragons, putting on puppet shows, and dressing up in the princess dresses.

We’ve now moved on to “friendship and love”, a great topic with Valentines Day quickly approaching. The kids have come up with some great ideas for how we can show kindness and caring to others. They really enjoyed role playing with a friend at group time showing ways to be a good friend. Some of the ideas they had were: “giving them flowers” , “Giving them a hug”,” asking them to play puzzles” together, and “giving them a train”. The kids have been very busy decorating boxes for Valentine exchange here at school. Please send 16 Valentine cards with your child’s name on them but DO NOT ADDRESS THEM. This way each child can pass them out much faster without having to match names. These will be needed on Tuesday.

Another activity that we’ve recently tried is “Ice Skating” indoors. The children have mastered standing on paper plates and sliding their feet as if they are skating. They really enjoy showing off their awesome moves like spins and backwards skating.