As summer comes to a close we are reminded that “one constant in life is CHANGE”. Some of our friends have moved on, new friends have joined us and a new staff member as joined our “family”.  Change can be hard and unsettling and yet exciting at the same time for children. Even though we understand that consistency is important for children it can be hard to maintain it sometimes. It’s important that as adults we recognize the stress that change can cause for children and give them the additional support they need.

As our group changes the children are working to figure out where they fit in to the new group. As we get to know our new friends we also learn more about ourselves and our old friends. This week we will be talking about what it means to be a friend. Kindness is something that children learn by watching people around them. It’s important that the important people in a child’s life model kindness and respect for others every day. Through stories, songs, discussions, games, and cooperative art projects we will be learning about the many ways we can be good friends to others.


*MO state Licensing requires that all children have a blanket for nap and that it be laundered weekly.

*Tuition is due on Friday for the following week. If received after closing on Tuesday a $25 late fee will be charged to your account.

*In order for staff to participate in college courses , attend continuing education workshops, and spend time with their own families we close promptly at 6:00 pm daily. Please arrive to pick up your child early enough to gather their belongings, talk with staff, etc and still be on your way before 6:00pm. Late pick ups will be charged $1 a minute late pick up fee. Thanks for your cooperation.