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As we all manage to adjust to the many changes here at Home Away From Home we prepare to say goodbye to some friends moving on to Kindergarten or other experiences. Best wishes to all and feel free to stop by for a visit and a hug sometime.

I hope all of our families are quickly getting to know our new staff as they have been trying diligently to get to know the children and their unique personalities and strengths. Within the next couple of weeks we will also be welcoming some new friends to the group. Thanks for welcoming everyone and making these transitions as painless as possible. If you have any friends in need of child care please refer them. Unfortunately we have some spaces for children that need to be filled. If you refer some one and they sign up their child you will receive a credit of $10 per day that they enroll for. ( Full time = $50) This offer is for  families with children already enrolled.

Here at Home Away From Home and in my personal life I value good manners and courtesy. Well-mannered children today are, sadly, a rarity. By well-mannered, I do not necessarily mean children that are “seen and not heard” – this certainly has never been an expectation of mine with my own daughters! However, teaching children to say their “pleases” and “thank yous” as well as the other myriad of manners that used to be more common in everyday society will serve your child well through out life, and if everyone did it, would certainly lead toward a more courteous and respectful culture than we currently experience.

Parent modeling is certainly the most important factor in teaching manners to children. Start in the home – when asking your spouse or partner, or your kids, to do something, say please, and phrase the request courteously. Show your appreciation even for everyday tasks with acknowledgement and a heartfelt thank you (which should be returned with a hearty “your welcome!). Comment on a meal well-made or a room well-cleaned. Say excuse me when asking for someone’s attention rather than just calling out their name. Offer an excuse me or pardon me when stepping around someone.

How do we reinforce manner and courtesy at HAFHCCC? We greet the children by name daily. This lets them know they are a valued part of our community. At meals and snacks the children come to the table and wait with their hands in their laps for all their friends before we sing and then eat. When a conflict arises between the children, which is a normal part of life, we encourage them to work it out by using their words and negotiating a solution. We ultimately want children to express their needs and wants in an effective and polite way so we model and require please and thank yous before responding to requests. These are skills that children learn quickly when they see and here adults and peers using them successfully.

This month at HAFHCCC we will be discussing our similarities and differences. We all have families but how are they the same and how are they different. We all have hair, a body, eyes, and likes and dislikes yet they are not the same. Learning to respect and cherish these differences is an important thing for children. Please send 4-5 family pictures with your child the week of August 23rd. They can be pictures of family members or pets or any thing else that is important to your child. These will be used to make an up to date family collage for the child’s cubby.

Any Donations of the following would be greatly appreciated and would be of help in keeping costs down.

Washable broad markers

Glue Sticks

Mosquito repellent

Ice pops

Masking tape

December 2008 Newsletter

Coming up: This upcoming week we will be talking about me me and me. This will encompass a child’s individual wants needs and dislikes. We will make body cut outs, like and dislike plates filled with favorite foods.

We also ask that some of our new families bring in pictures so that we can make family boards for them.

Please watch your child’s cubby because there will be a survey coming out to ask what some of your families traditions for the holiday seasons.

In the spirit of giving, we would like to give back to an area women and children’s shelter. We have been in contact with them and will let you know when we have more information on the drive.

Cubbies– please help your child hang their coat on their hook and keep their things on their side. We will be encouraging them to put their blankets and pillows in the buckets in order to have clean and neat cubbies. Also please make sure that they have seasonally appropriate clothing in their cubbies in case of accidents.



Playground balls



Book certificates (scholastic)

What your child learns from…

Cooking helps children learn

numbers and measurements.

Along with scientific reactions

and the cooking process.