January 2013 News


With winter upon us I have a few important reminders for parents.

Please remember one of our most important goals is keeping the children safe and healthy. In order for us to do this we need your help. Children need fresh air and sunshine. Missouri state licensing requires outside play time daily for the children unless there are heat or cold warnings, or rain. Please send your child prepared this time of year with warm coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and boots( if it is wet or snowy). Also please be sure they have an extra change of clothes ,that are appropriate size and season, and labeled with their name. Even children who have been potty trained for some time may need a change of clothes because of spills, illness or a surprise “accident”.


It is normal for children this age to get sick as they build their own immune systems. We do what we can here at school by sanitizing toys and equipment and by teaching the children proper hand washing skills. We remind the children often to cover when they cough and sneeze and to wipe and dispose of tissues properly. Please watch your children closely for signs of illness and keep them home until they are fever and symptom free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications ,such as tylenol and motrin. If their doctor feels they are well enough to participate at school but still need medication please be sure to fill out the appropriate authorization form so we can give it to them. If it is a prescription it needs to be in the original container from the pharmacy, with the label attached showing the child’s name and doctor recommended dosage schedule.


In the event of dangerous weather conditions that would cause HAFH to close it will be broadcast on News Channel 5 Storm watch in the morning starting at 4am. This information is also listed on their website ksdk.com.


 Scholastic Book Club orders can be returned to school with a check made payable to scholastic or placed online with a credit card. https://orders.scholastic.com/GKTK


Last but not least Thanks for all the Christmas gifts, from candles to wine to home made goodies it is all deeply appreciated.



October 2012

It’s hard to believe September is already passed and we are moving full speed ahead into October. We have been reminded lately that fall is here as temperatures and leaves begin to fall. Please remember to dress your child in layers as the mornings have been quite chilly and yet afternoons can still get very warm. Outside play time is a very important part of our day. It provides needed fresh air and sunshine as well as it is great exercise. It also offers many opportunities to observe and discuss the changes in the weather and the world around us.


Lately we have been focusing on farm life including farm animals, fall harvest, and farm jobs. Many “Thanks” to Meg’s Mom, Brooke, for bringing one of their familie’s chickens for a visit. The children enjoyed following it around the playground, watching it eat, seeing some of her eggs and feeling her feathers. We then followed the visit with “Feather Painting” at the easel. Our paintings and pictures of the visit are posted by the back door. In the coming days we will be comparing, tasting and cooking with a variety of apples. We will even be trying our hands at some recipes using another fall favorite, Pumpkins.


The children have showed a growing interest in each others names. Many of them not only recognize their own written name but also some of the other children’s names as well. They have been singing a variety of “name songs” , created some beautiful “name art”, and searched for matching names in the sensory tub full of rice.


Halloween is always a favorite holiday for children. We have once again been invited to trick or treat to some of the neighboring businesses in the Sunnen business park. This event will be happening on Friday October 26 from 9am -11:30 am. And all family members are welcome to join us. The children will eagerly be practicing their songs to perform for everyone. (hopefully Ms Ann will still have a voice by the end of the day) If your child does not normally attend on Fridays but you would still like to join us please let us know so we can plan accordingly.


Home Away From Home is proud to say that we have not seen a tuition increase since February of 2009. Unfortunately due to rising expenses across the board we will need to increase tuition starting January 7, 2013 . The new rates will be as follows:

Under 2 years of age- $60 per day, $275 per week

Over 2 years of age- $38 per day, $170 per week


August 2012 News

Over the past several weeks the children have been actively exploring the topics of fruit and pets. They thoroughly enjoyed making their own blueberry pancakes, fruit salad, and watermelon popsicles. We had lengthy discussions about how different fruits grow, some on trees, some on bushes and some on vines. We also talked about how some have one seed while others have many seeds. We also learned some descriptive words like crunchy, sweet, tart, and juicy as we tasted many different fresh and dried fruits.

This week we had fun with pets we read many stories about dogs and cats but also talked about the less common pets like chickens and mice. They really enjoyed caring for our classroom pets (stuffed animals) and even danced with them.

The children have chosen the topic of Doctors and Dentists for our next theme. We will investigate the world of healthcare through stories and dramatic play.

*Attached you will find information about a great, reasonable resource for children’s books. Scholastic Book Clubs not only offers a large variety of materials but with every order we earn materials for our class. Parents can either return their order to school with a check made payable to Scholastic or can place their order online, using a credit card. Ordering online earns you a $5 book credit and the class a free book pick.

Below is a list of materials that we are currently in need of, any donations would be Greatly Appreciated!!

*Washable school glue

*Scotch (clear) tape

*Masking Tape

*Plastic child size scissors (for Playdough)

*Colored copier paper

*Washable markers

*Washable watercolor paints

*food coloring


Don’t throw that newspaper away we can use it for messy art projects

We can also use old magazines , yarn, and material scraps for collages.


Spring has sprung and in spite of the crazy up and down temperatures we have been able to enjoy the outdoors and the kids have been observing lots of seasonal changes in the world around us. They have been taking notice of the weather changes, the plants, trees, and flowers starting to grow again. The children were very excited to plant some flower seeds and are anxiously watching them grow. We also planted “egg heads” by decorating egg shells with faces then filling them with soil and planting grass seed. We’ve had lots of discussions about seeds, stems, leaves and flowers. They are also requesting that we plant some sunflowers. Which will be a project for next week.

The children also recently expressed an interest in talking about our bodies. Many of them chose to make “inside/out” t-shirts by sponge painting some of our internal organs on the front. They were fascinated with the jobs that they each do and we had some great discussions about the heart, lungs, stomach, intestine, kidneys, and bladder. One of our friends even went home and asked her mother, “If they don’t look like kids and they don’t have knees then why are they called Kidneys?” Comments like this one make us smile and remind us just how literal children are in their thinking.

With the warmer temperatures also comes bugs. Insects and spiders always hold lots of fascination for children. They have been noticing many bugs outside from bees and butterflies to ants and wasps. Some have them have even been showing off their new bug bites to their friends. We will be exploring the world of bugs more in the next couple weeks with stories, songs, art and science.


Since our new playground has little shade it is important that we take extra precaution that the children are not over exposed to the sun. If they have a light weight sunhat to wear outdoors please send it to school. Get in the habit of applying sunscreen when dressing each morning and we will be applying before exposure.


With the warmer weather upon us we are in need of some supplies any donations would be greatly appreciated!!

*Sunscreen ( spray type works best)

* bug repellant

*ice pops for special treats


*wet wipes for sticky faces


A copy of our Emergency/Disaster Plan is located in the front by  the “attendance binder” for parents to review. If you would like a copy emailed to you please email Ann at

homeawayfromhomeccc@yahoo.com and it will be sent to you.

Staff recently completed CPR and First Aid Classes to better prepare everyone to handle all potential types of emergencies.


Beginning Steps Early Learning Center

Dear Families, We have noticed that everyone at school does not have extra clothes. Each child needs a change of clothes appropriate for the season in their cubbie labeled with their name.

Every child also needs a hat and gloves to go outside. State licensing rules state that we are required to go outside for an hour each day.

What’s new…

For the last two weeks we have been concentration on a book a week and tailoring our activities around what is happening in the book. This next week we will talk about Moon Shadow, By: Frank Asch.

Then we will talk about Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? On Wednesday Feb. 8th Please bring in a teddy bear. We will be going on a bear hunt:).

During the week of Brown Bear Brown Bear ( Feb. 6-10 ) we will be sending home a literacy bag. In this bag there will be a book to read and and activity to do. If you do not wish to be responsible for bringing the bag back please let a teacher know that your family is not interested.

We will also be having a small Valentines party for our class. It will be at 10 am on Tuesday Feb. 14th. Please watch the door for a sign up

sheet. If you wish to you can also bring in valentines to pass out. You can either write them to a “friend” or we can provide you with a list .

New Year 2012

Sleep: Did you know that your child needs over 10 hours of sleep!

If your child is 4-12 months they need 14 to 15 hours of total sleep. If your child is 1 to 3 years old they need 12-14 hours of total sleep. If your child is 3 to 6 years old they need 10 to 12 hours of total sleep.

When your child does not get enough sleep their development suffers. They have a harder time concentrating and accomplishing tasks. Lack of sleep also makes bed time a struggle because they get over tired.

Please fill out the attached sheet on sleep habits so that we know more about your child and can help them reach their full potential.


Everyone needs a Blanket for Nap time!

Tuition is Due on Friday for the next week, if not paid by Monday at closing $10 is added if not paid by Tuesday at closing $15 is added. If any balance is carried over week to week then 10% is added weekly till paid in full.


accurate attendance is a must!

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Ms. Abbie

January News and Notes,2011

Welcome to 2011..

It appears we have all survived the Holidays with minimal stress and hopefully a few smiles. Best wishes go to all for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

With winter in full swing…

Please remember to send your child to school every day prepared for outside play. They benefit greatly from the fresh air and sunshine but don’t enjoy it much if they are cold and uncomfortable. Missouri State child care licensing requires a minimum of 1 hour outside play daily unless there are extreme heat or cold warnings or rain. They will need hats, gloves, a warm coat, and boots in the event of snow. If they will be playing in the snow they will also need a change of clothes because they will most likely get wet. Please help us make outside time a positive learning time.

As we start off with a BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…

We are reminded that children really are fascinated by those large extinct monsters we know as dinosaurs. They love and seem to retain amazing information and vocabulary about them including their many long names and facts like some are carnivores while others are herbivores and other yet are omnivores. They also love talking about just how big they really were. How some could fly and some could swim, while others you could hear walking a mile away. What would our world be like today if these enormous creatures were still alive?

Excerpt from: For Parents Only: Teaching Your Child Through Play By Carolyn Tomlin, M.Ed.

Emotional and Social
Emotional and social benefits come when children in play situations are force to consider the viewpoints of their playmates. Although most parents are not trained as play therapists, they can be aware of how children explore different emotions (anger, sadness, and so on) and various social roles in play. Parents can help in the following ways:

If a stressful situation has occurred, talk about and help the child re-enact through play. For example, a tornado has touched down in your area. Replay, getting in a safe place when a siren is sounded. Use caution about over-reacting, but allow the child to talk about her fears and act out activities related to the event.
• Use “what-if” situations for teaching. Ask your child, “How would you feel is a bully took your lunch? What could you do? What would you say to a friend whose pet was lost?
• Provide one less toy than children. Allow the children to decide who gets the toys and who has to wait their turn. Observe children who need more practice in sharing.
• Provide ways to act out feelings through art, music, or dance. Provide paper and crayons and ask the child to draw how they feel, such as moving to a new community? Or, when they have a birthday?
• Play board games together as a family. Teach your child that in many games there are loses and winners. Also, look for games where the object is not “winning or losing” but simply the fun of playing.

One thing that is consistent in life is change…

Here at school we have seen old friends and teachers move on, new friends and teachers join us. What can we do as adults to help children weather the change?

Giving Kids Time

No one can absorb the full implications of a change overnight, so expecting children to fly through changes is unrealistic. Instead, parents should expect to give their kids time to understand what is happening, what it will mean for them, what it will mean for the family and how it will change their lives and/or routines.

While adults may be able to work through these possibilities logically, children usually need to experience them to understand them. Parents can help children with these lessons by talking with them every step of the way and ensuring that children understand all of the implications of the changes.

Setting Clear Boundaries

Children like boundaries, and maintaining a sense of order during an upheaval in their lives will help them feel as though they still retain some control and they still have a routine to follow. This usually helps children stay calmer as they know what to expect and what is expected of them.

As we all manage to adjust to the many changes here at Home Away From Home we prepare to say goodbye to some friends moving on to Kindergarten or other experiences. Best wishes to all and feel free to stop by for a visit and a hug sometime.

I hope all of our families are quickly getting to know our new staff as they have been trying diligently to get to know the children and their unique personalities and strengths. Within the next couple of weeks we will also be welcoming some new friends to the group. Thanks for welcoming everyone and making these transitions as painless as possible. If you have any friends in need of child care please refer them. Unfortunately we have some spaces for children that need to be filled. If you refer some one and they sign up their child you will receive a credit of $10 per day that they enroll for. ( Full time = $50) This offer is for  families with children already enrolled.

Here at Home Away From Home and in my personal life I value good manners and courtesy. Well-mannered children today are, sadly, a rarity. By well-mannered, I do not necessarily mean children that are “seen and not heard” – this certainly has never been an expectation of mine with my own daughters! However, teaching children to say their “pleases” and “thank yous” as well as the other myriad of manners that used to be more common in everyday society will serve your child well through out life, and if everyone did it, would certainly lead toward a more courteous and respectful culture than we currently experience.

Parent modeling is certainly the most important factor in teaching manners to children. Start in the home – when asking your spouse or partner, or your kids, to do something, say please, and phrase the request courteously. Show your appreciation even for everyday tasks with acknowledgement and a heartfelt thank you (which should be returned with a hearty “your welcome!). Comment on a meal well-made or a room well-cleaned. Say excuse me when asking for someone’s attention rather than just calling out their name. Offer an excuse me or pardon me when stepping around someone.

How do we reinforce manner and courtesy at HAFHCCC? We greet the children by name daily. This lets them know they are a valued part of our community. At meals and snacks the children come to the table and wait with their hands in their laps for all their friends before we sing and then eat. When a conflict arises between the children, which is a normal part of life, we encourage them to work it out by using their words and negotiating a solution. We ultimately want children to express their needs and wants in an effective and polite way so we model and require please and thank yous before responding to requests. These are skills that children learn quickly when they see and here adults and peers using them successfully.

This month at HAFHCCC we will be discussing our similarities and differences. We all have families but how are they the same and how are they different. We all have hair, a body, eyes, and likes and dislikes yet they are not the same. Learning to respect and cherish these differences is an important thing for children. Please send 4-5 family pictures with your child the week of August 23rd. They can be pictures of family members or pets or any thing else that is important to your child. These will be used to make an up to date family collage for the child’s cubby.

Any Donations of the following would be greatly appreciated and would be of help in keeping costs down.

Washable broad markers

Glue Sticks

Mosquito repellent

Ice pops

Masking tape

Hot, Hot, Hot

This has been an extremely hot summer and therefore has restricted our outside time somewhat. Water days , of course have been a welcomed part of our weeks and the children really enjoy getting wet and messy outdoors. They especially enjoy getting the teachers wet as well and we don’t mind either. Thanks to all our parents that have insured that their children are properly prepared for water days. We are quickly depleting our supply of Mosquito repellent and would appreciate any donations. Thanks to the Pulliam-Miletello family for the ice pops and to the Kaplan family for the sidewalk chalk.

Spring is here!!!

After a cold, wet, and miserable winter that had many of us fighting off colds and flu we have made it to spring. The children are finally recovering from the daylight savings time change and we are all looking forward to sunny warm weather, which we have had a taste of over the past few days. Warmer weather gives us many opportunities at school to experience the natural world around us and even to bring it indoors. This week for group time we “planted” some Daffodil bulbs in glass pebbles and water. The “forcing” of these bulbs indoors this way will allow the children to witness day to day their progress and even see the roots as they grow downward through the pebbles.

We also completed our licensing renewal visit this week and once the weather warms and needed painting can be completed outdoors our re-licensing will be issued without any lapse in services.

On Saturday, April 10th, we will once again be welcoming the Maplewood Fire department as they come to offer first aid and CPR class for staff and interested parents. Any parents that are interested need to sign up as space will be limited.