Here at HAFH we’ve just completed 2 weeks learning about everything “At The Beach and Under the Sea”. In celebration we had a fun under the sea lunch complete with “Dolphins”(bananas), Octopus “ (Turkey dogs, and string cheese), “sand”( brown rice), and Sea weed salad ( lettuce, green peppers, and celery). The looks form the kids when they saw their plates were priceless.

Dolphins, octopus, sand and sea weed ,OH MY!!

Next, we will be focusing on Fruit. This a great time of year to talk about the wonderful variety that we have available to us. We will be discussing how the different fruits are alike and different. We will be practicing some new vocabulary as we describe the different fruits we will be trying this week. There will also be discussions about how fruit grows. In the world of a young child when asked where fruit comes from, they often respond with “the store”. They will be learning how some fruit grows on trees, some on bushes, and some on vines. We will also be trying out some yummy kid made recipes using fruit. A favorite is “friendship fruit salad”. For this we are asking each child that attends on Thursday to bring the equivalent of 1 cup of their favorite fruit. This can be a single piece or a zip lock bag of smaller fruit such as grapes or berries.Each child will present their favorite fruit at group time, describe it to the group and tell why it is their favorite. We will then make our friendship fruit salad to share at snack.

There is much concern surrounding the uptick in Covid cases. Here at HAFH we are still diligently cleaning and sanitizing to mitigate any exposure, as best as we can. As we all know until young children can get the vaccine, they’re at significant risk. I am asking all staff and families to do the best you can to minimize your exposure to anyone who you are not certain is vaccinated. With Missouri currently being considered a red zone even a trip to the grocery store or to your favorite restaurant could put you, your family, and all your family’s contacts at risk of getting ill. Please closely observe your child’s daily health condition for any symptoms of illness and keep them home if there is any doubt that they may be ill. I realize that keeping your child home is inconvenient. Reality is if any child or staff is present in the group and comes down with covid we will be forced to temporarily close which will be an inconvenience to everyone. There has also been rising cases of RSV and Bronchiolitis, both of which are extremely contagious respiratory infections. If your child has any symptoms consistent with a respiratory infection, please keep them home. Please help us keep everyone healthy.