With a new school year upon us many of us, adults and children alike, are facing many changes. From schedule changes, to new schools, new friends, new babies, and new jobs all of these and more can cause stress for everyone. Here at HAFH we understand the importance of consistency for children and the security that it gives them. With that in mind we plan our days to be as predictable as possible while still being flexible to the ever-changing moods and needs of the children. Transitions can be hard for some children and switching gears when asked to clean up to move on to a different activity can be a stressful time for some. To ease the stress related to transitions we always give the children a 2-5 minute “warning” which gives them time to process what is being expected. For example, “at about 8:30 every morning the children are told, in 5 minutes we will need to clean up for breakfast.” Once it is time to clean up, positive reinforcement is used by encouraging the children to clean up by recognizing verbally who is doing a good job. It’s always amazing how praising one child for working hard gets the attention of even the most resistant.

As we plan ahead for this Fall, we have some themes laid out as well as a special Letter, shape and color to focus on each week. We know that children learn best when topics are of interest to them and are presented through play. Flexibility in planning will be observed if the children show an interest in a topic not planned. All areas of development from science to math and language can be reinforced no matter what the theme. Please see the attached calendar for the September themes.

MO State child care licensing requires that all licensed programs have an emergency plan in place in case of an emergency situation where we would need to lock down in place, evacuate the building or children would be separated from their families for an extended period of time due to a catastrophic event. With this in mind, they recommend that every child have an emergency pack at school consisting of a change of clothes, a comfort item, and a family picture in a large zip lock bag. This should be checked in fall and spring to insure it is up to date for the seasons and size of the child. We always have an ample supply of water, food, blankets and first aid supplies if needed. If interested parents can access the emergency plan for review next to the sign in book. It is also of utmost importance that your child’s file be kept up to date with emergency contact information as well as family information.