November is here along with cooler weather. Please remember to send your children prepared for outside play. Heavy coats, hats and gloves make for a much more pleasurable outdoor experience as well as boots, if there is snow on the ground. Also, please make sure that your child has a size and weather appropriate change of clothes just in case of a bathroom accident, food spills or they get wet outside.
Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Trick or Treating walk to the Sunnen Business park. It seemed like everyone had fun inspite of the damp day.
After Halloween we spent some time talking about nocturnal animals. Bats, raccoons, skunks, owls, Foxes and frogs were all fun topics of conversation this week. The children had fun creating the animals and hearing stories about them.
After a long search we now have a new part time staff member joining us. Her name is Ms. Donna and she has experience working with babies in the NICU as a respiratory therapist and is excited to join us and get to know everyone. Please join me in welcoming her.
Thanks to all our previous stars of the week for the awesome books that everyone brought in. The “stars” have been eager to share their books as the rest of the class asked questions and had fun looking at all the great pictures. If your child hasn’t had a turn yet be sure to check the calendar to see if their assigned week is approaching.
We have been having a lot of illness these past few weeks. Please be sure to observe your children closely for any possible signs of contagion to minimize the spread of illness through our group. If their temperature is over 99 degrees when taken under their arm (axillary) Missouri Childcare Licensing requires that they be excluded from care. Are they well enough to be at school? If in doubt, please review the symptoms listed in the parent handbook that can be found on our website. All Symptoms that require exclusion from care are listed there and taken straight from the licensing handbook. Please remember that they also need to fever and symptom free for 24 hours, without Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen before returning. Many viruses cause fevers that rise and fall to normal only to rise again in a few hours. We, here at HAFH , are also being extra careful to encourage thorough handwashing as well as cleaning and sanitizing toys and surfaces regularly.
Don’t forget we will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following. Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday weekend.
With the Holiday season just around the corner please remember that we will be open on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve but will close at 1:00 pm both days. HAFH will be closed Christmas Day and New Years Day. If your child will be out any days over the holidays advanced notice is greatly appreciated. This helps to insure appropriate staffing while also allowing staff to spend time with their families