Summer is flying by. Soon we will be saying farewell to some of our friends as they move on to other programs or all the way to Alabama. Please keep in mind that tuition deposits are refunded or credited back to your account when notice is given at least 2 weeks prior to their last day of attendance or change in schedule. If your child is currently attending less than five days a week and you would like to add any days be sure to tell Ann as soon as possible in order reserve the days needed before they are given away.

Since summer started the children were immersed in ‘“At the Beach and Under the Sea” activities that are always popular. They always love talking about the many different types of sea life. Sharks and orcas were of course their favorites. We then followed with a week focused on, an all time favorite, “Ice Cream”. The kids really enjoyed making and tasting a few different frozen treats. It was really amazing how many different books are written for kids on the subject. Our older friends especially liked working on color by number ice cream pictures

This week we are having fun with Zoo Animals. Today we had some lively discussion about our favorite zoo animals and why they are our favorite. We also played “Guess the Animal”. The children would be given a characteristic of an animal and they would name an animal that matched. They came up with some great answers.
Starting next week, we will take a journey through the alphabet. Everyday we will focus on a different letter starting at the beginning. Please encourage your child to bring an item to show and share with the group everyday that starts with the letter of the day. It can be anything from a small toy or book to a small snack to share, or a picture from a magazine. Don’t be afraid to BE CREATIVE !! Each day’s activities will revolve around the Letter of the Day including stories, songs, art, cooking activities, math and science activities and games.This is a great intro to beginning phonics as we focus on the letter sounds.

Please watch your child’s cubbie. In the next few weeks we will be sending home your child’s emergency supply pack to be checked and replenished with appropriate sized clothes if needed.