After what felt like a long dreary Winter and an extremely short Spring, it now feels like Summer is here with all its heat and humidity. Please be sure and check your child’s supply of extra clothes and make sure that they have a change that is size and season appropriate

Soon we will also be having some water/ messy play days. These will include sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, paint, bubbles and other messy fun outside. The children will need a swimsuit or change of clothes that can get wet and messy, shoes that can get wet, and a towel (all labeled with their name). If possible please leave these items in their cubbies or have them with them on the days, they attend. Since these activities are dependent on the weather it can be hard to schedule them ahead of time. When it is hot outside the children like to take a break in the shade and have an ice pop. Any donations would be appreciated. As we spend more time outside the need for sunscreen and bug repellent increases. For now, we are in pretty good shape on sunscreen but will be needing to replenish our supply of bug repellent.

We know that when activities are planned for the children that follow a topic they are currently interested in they are much more attentive. This week they are learning about “Bugs”. So far, they have created a bumble bee picture, a spider painting and paper plate ladybugs. They also had a lot of fun weaving ribbon in the play yard fence creating their own giant spider webs. We will be continuing with fireflies, caterpillars, butterflies and more. If you’ve never visited the Butterfly house in Faust Park now would be an ideal time to go. This would be a wonderful way for your family to expand on what the children are talking about at school. It would also give your child something to talk about with their friends when they return after their visit.