November is here with all the beautiful fall colors and cooler weather. It’s definitely time to dig out the sweaters and warmer clothes. Outside play is an important part of our day. We know that we all need fresh air and physical activity to stay healthy. Please send your child to school everyday prepared for outside play. Some days this may mean heavy coats, gloves, hats and even boots. Some days it may only mean a light jacket. This time of year layers are best. We can add or remove layers as needed, over the course of the day, as the weather changes. Please also update the extra clothes in your child’s cubbie if needed. Be sure they are the appropriate size and season.

As we start to prepare for the holiday season we have begun talking about what it was like to live long ago, before there were grocery stores, restaurants, televisions, and other modern conveniences. We’ve been talking about how the pilgrims and other early settlers provided for their families. Many of them were farmers, ranchers and hunters. This week we have been talking about life on a farm. If you had a farm what crops would you grow? What animals would you have? These questions have lead to some fun conversations. Next week we will be expanding our focus to include Thanksgiving, pilgrims and the early native Americans who greeted them when they landed at Plymouth Rock. Most of all we will be talking about the many things we have to be thankful for and what it means to be “thankful”.

On Tuesday, November 21 the children will help to prepare a Thanksgiving luncheon. We are inviting parents to join us but unfortunately, due to our limited space, we must limit it to 1 adult per child. Watch your child’s cubbie for an invitation with details.

Child Care licensing requires that all children have a blanket that is laundered weekly. Please remember to bring a blanket on Monday (or your child’s first day each week) and take it home every Friday ( last day of attendance each week). We supply the pillows and sheets and launder those weekly.

Please return or submit online any scholastic book orders by Wednesday November 22. this will guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.