With September coming to a close we look forward to October and all the “Fall Fun” it brings. As the weather changes please be sure your child is prepared for outside play with a light jacket or sweater. Also be sure your child’s cubby is stocked with a change of clothes appropriate to the weather and the right size as we all know they do grow quickly.

With fall comes lots of observable changes for the children to notice and discuss. We will be taking advantage of these changes to delve into the topic of seasons and how we and animals adapt to these changes. We start to dress differently as temperatures get cooler. Animals as well start to grow thicker fur to stay warm in the colder weather. Squirrels start collecting food to store for the long winter months when food is scarce. We will encourage the children to look around them to see signs that fall is approaching especially the changing colors of the trees and other plants. We will observe closely the differences and similarities of leaves that can be found in our yard or on walks. Please encourage your child to do the same at home and bring in any cool leaves they find to show the group.

As in years past we have once again been invited to bring the children to the adjacent Sunnen Business park to Trick or Treat to some of the businesses.

This is scheduled for Friday October 27 and family members are welcome to join us. We plan to leave school by 9:15 and return no later than 11:30.

We hope you can join us for the fun. The children will be practicing their performing skills in the form of some short Halloween songs. They will be singing a short song at each stop.


*The tuition increase begins the week of October 2-6. Invoices have been sent out. If you have any questions feel free to check with Ann.

*MO state licensing requires that every child has a blanket and that it be laundered weekly.

* Attached are the new Scholastic Book Club forms please return/ submit orders no later than Wednesday, October 11th.