Here at school the children have been faced with several changes lately with some staff and friends moving on as well as new friends starting. As the children adapt to a new group dynamic and our veterans help our new friends adjust we will be focusing our lesson planning on “ Getting to Know Each Other”. We will be talking about how we are alike and different, how our families are alike and different, and where we live and what kinds of things are in our neighborhoods that we like to do with our families. During the coming weeks each child will have the opportunity to be “ Star Of The Day”. On their day they will create an all about me poster to take home. We would like to add pictures of family members and friends, pets, or other things that are important to the individual child. Please bring in any pictures that can be added to your child’s poster. They will be glued on a poster board and can be printed on regular paper if that is easier for you. On their scheduled day they are also asked to bring something that is special to them. This can be a special book, toy, or small snack to “Show and Share” with the group and talk about. This is always a favorite for children. It helps to encourage language as the children have an opportunity to address the group. The children will also be encouraged to ask questions of the child that is presenting. Please see the calendar and make note of your child’s scheduled day.

Much has been in the news lately that causes concern on a daily basis. Between civil unrest and threats from overseas it all has a possibility to make us feel uncomfortable and unsure of what the future holds for us and our families. I was recently asked by a parent if we have an emergency/disaster plan in place here at Home Away From Home. Rest assured we are prepared to do our best to keep your child safe under any circumstance. There is a copy of our emergency/disaster plan by our sign in sheet for parents to review at anytime. If you would like a copy emailed to you please drop a note in the tuition box with a good email to send it to and I will do so. We also ask parents to make sure we have current and accurate contact information in your child’s file should we need to contact you for any reason.