Fall is officially here and with it comes cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and wardrobe changes. There are many ways that the children can observe the seasonal changes. They will have many opportunities to compare and contrast leaves as they begin to change. Some of our friends have already been apple picking with their families and have enjoyed telling their friends about their experience. If your family goes apple picking or to a pumpkin patch please let them bring a picture to show their friends and talk about their experience. This past week we’ve spent our days discussing the changes around us and how we prepare for them.
Next we will be moving on to one of our favorite fruit, the apple. We will be comparing the ways that apples look and taste, helping us to decide what we like best about apples and which is our favorite. We will talk about how they grow and talk about our own personal experiences recently at apple orchards. We will also be trying our hands at a recipe for Apple Pizzas. This has proven to be a favorite with the children in the past. A copy of the recipe will come home.
Another favorite fall crop is Pumpkins. Many of us look forward to fall just to be able to taste many of the great pumpkin recipes that we associate with fall. Here at school we will be making pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pies and pumpkin cookies. We will also be studying pumpkins through books, art and science activities. We are asking for your assistance – Please send a small pumpkin to school with your child to decorate for Halloween.
HALLOWEEN will be our focus the week of October 24-28. we will be reading lots of fun Halloween books and learning some fun Halloween songs. We have also accumulated a great variety of costumes to try out in our dramatic play area for the week. On Friday October 28th we have been invited to bring the children Trick or Treating to some of the businesses in the adjacent Sunnen Business Park. If your time allows and you would like to join us you are more than welcome!! We will need to leave promptly by 9:15 in order to make our rounds and be back in time for lunch by 11:30.

A few reminders for Parents
*Scholastic orders are attached please return them or place your orders online by next Wednesday October 19th.
*Please check your child’s cubbie and make sure they have a change of clothes that is appropriate size and season.
*Please remember that State Licensing requires every child to have a blanket for nap that get laundered weekly.
*Your budding artists often accumulate a lot of work in their cubbies for you to admire. Please check their cubbies daily for priceless works of art and important notes.