With the holiday season and winter in full swing there are a few important reminders for families.
Please be sure that your child is prepared for outside play daily. Missouri state licensing requires outside play daily unless it is raining or there are heat or cold warnings. This means if there is snow on the ground the children will need boots and either water resistant pants , snow suit or a change of clothes to insure their comfort. With the temperatures getting colder also be sure they are prepared with a warm coat, gloves and a hat. Please label every item with their name so if items get misplaced we know who they belong to. Also please be sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubbie that is appropriate to the season and the correct size. Even our most skilled and independent children can be caught in a flood of spilled milk or paint and they are much more comfortable in clothes that belong to them and fit well. Please check your extra clothes supply at home and launder& return any clothes that have been borrowed from HAFH. Our extra clothes stash is dwindling due to unreturned borrowed clothes.
Lately the children have had a good time preparing for Thanksgiving by talking about the way that the pilgrims lived and how it was so different from us. They found it fascinating that they had to farm their own fruits and vegetables and they cut down trees to make their homes. How lucky we are to have grocery stores and hardware stores!
This week by popular demand we will be delving into “Outer Space”. This is a very abstract concept for children. Today we focused on stars. We also pretended we were Astronauts and took our own adventure in space as we pretended to put on our space suits, float in space and dodge meteors. We continued our week cutting and gluing shapes to create a rocket, and gluing shiny materials to moon and star shapes. The children have also enjoyed playing with plastic astronauts and rockets in sawdust and in “Moon Mud” ( a cornstarch and shaving cream mixture). Please take a minute this week sometime to check out the stars with your child. Hopefully the clouds will clear enough to see them. Some new words that may have been added to your child’s vocabulary this week are: universe, planets, constellations and astronaut.
Please mark your calendars for the upcoming holidays. As stated in the parent handbook we will closing at 1:00 on Christmas Eve, 12/24, and New Years Eve, 12/31. We will also be closed all day on Christmas Day, 12/25, and New Years Day.
Starting Monday February 1st a tuition increase will be going into effect. The new rates will be as follows: Under 2 years of age- $64 per day (for less than 5 days)
$295 per week
Over 2 years thru 6 years of age- $43 per day(for less than 5 days)
$190 per week