With Spring quickly coming to a close and Summer just around the corner we will have many opportunities to explore the outdoors. With this in mind please be sure your child is prepared for outdoor play. We currently have an ample supply of sunscreen but are in need of some mosquito repellant. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

As some of you are aware Ms Lauren will be out the month of June as she has the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. We wish her safe travels and will anxiously await her return in July. We also have a new staff member joining us and a former one returning to help cover over the summer. Ms Brittany S. is returning from a semester abroad in London and will once again be helping out while out of school for the summer. She is currently working towards her teaching degree at Webster University. Ms Sarah S. is joining us part time and is currently pursuing her Nursing Degree at UMSL.

So far this month we have been concentrating on Transportation. From Bicycles to planes, to trains we have had lots to explore and talk about. We even took a walk to find different types of transportation in our neighborhood. Many of the children shared stories of their person experiences riding on Planes, trains, and even boats.

Next we will be moving onto “Creepy Critters”. First we will focus on Insects and bugs then we will move onto some bigger creepers such as frogs, turtles, lizards, and snakes. One of our projects requires 2liter soda bottles. If you have any empty ones that you can spare it would be greatly appreciated. We are also hoping to hatch our own butterflies.

As the weather warms up we will be having weekly water days. These will consist of a morning full of wet messy play outside. Since they are weather permitting they may be spur of the moment. Please keep your child’s cubbie or bag stocked with a swim suit or clothes and shoes that can get wet and a towel all labeled with their names. Please make sure they have dry shoes to wear indoors after playing.