Has your child been talking about Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus or Spinosaurus. This is just some of the language that is being heard here at school a lot lately. They have also been overheard talking about what it means to be a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. Dinosaurs has always been a favorite of preschoolers. It continues to amaze me how children who struggle with remembering the names of letters, numbers, colors and shapes can accurately identify dinosaurs by name. They had so much fun last week that dinosaurs was carried over for an additional week.
Next week, March 9-13, we will be focusing on the many works of Dr Suess. The way he used rhyme to tell his imaginative stories always is not only fun to listen to but also to read. We will have fun as we journey into some of Dr Suess’ favorite stories. We will be also expanding on the storybooks through videos, games, art, science, and cooking activities.
March 16-20 we will be investigating St Patrick’s Day and the “Green around Us”. We will use our imaginations as we read the many fun stories about St Patrick’s Day, Leprechauns, and that illusive “Pot of Gold”. All week long we will be creating some beautiful green art work, and recipes.
March 23-27 our concentration will be Arctic Animals. Foxes, owls, moose, and penguins are just a few of the many animals that live in cold climates. How do animals adapt to colder climates. We know that snowy owls and arctic Foxes are white unlike their warmer climate counterparts. We also know that animals that live in Arctic/Colder climates also have Thick fur coats or thick layers of fat to insulate them from the cold. During the week the children will have some hands on experiences feeling real fur pieces and a real ( discarded) moose antler.