2014 has been a busy year so far here at school. We have explored many animals over the past several weeks including Arctic animals, Dinosaurs, and Pets. We talked about how animals in cold climates stay warm. Some hibernate while others Migrate to warmer climates and how many of them grow thick winter coats of fur.

It is always amazing how quickly the children learn and can recall the names of Dinosaurs. We also discussed the difference between herbivorous, omnivorous, and carnivorous. The children easily noticed that even though they were all dinosaurs they were not all the same. This opened up many discussions about likenesses and differences.

As we moved on to pets the children loved feeding, brushing, and taking the stuffed animals for walks. We read quite a variety of books about the many different kinds of animals that people have for pets. We also spent several group times talking about our family pets and how we take care of them.

We have started off this week with many books and discussions about Groundhog Day, shadows and light. The children have had a lot of fun using flashlights and the light box to discover “what does light shine through?” The rest of the week we will be observing other science concepts such as magnets and what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar, always a favorite of kids. Thanks to the snow last night, we were able to paint the snow with spray bottles and watch the colors mix to make new colors.

Next week we will be taking about Valentines Day and Love. What do we do every day to show people we care about them? We will be making and mailing Valentines to our families as well as exchanging Valentines at school. Please send 16 valentines with your child’s name on the back on Friday. PLEASE do not address them to make the job of passing them out easier for the children. If you have any small boxes ( shoe box size or similar) please bring them in. the children will decorate them for their valentines.

Outside play and fresh air is important for health and development. Please be sure to send your child to school, daily, prepared for outside play with a heavy coat, gloves, hats, and boots.