We, kids and teachers alike, are so excited for the warmer weather and sunshine. Last week we were able to enjoy the outdoors everyday for the first time in months. With the warmer weather comes mosquitoes and sun exposure. Please complete the attached permission slips for Mosquito repellent, sunscreen and to go for neighborhood walks so we have an updated copy in everyone’s file. Any donations of spray on sunscreen and mosquito repellent would be greatly appreciated.

Last week we started investigating our alphabet. On Monday we made alligator “A”s. Tuesday we glued Blue, Black, and Brown Buttons on Blue “B”s. Wednesday we read a book about “Copy Cats” and glued cotton on “C”s. Thursday was “D” day so we read “ If You Give a Dog a Donut” and made donuts for breakfast followed by decorating “D”s as Dogs. Friday we finished off the week by painting “E”s at the easel and gluing eyes, ears and eggs to “E”s. The kids have been very excited every day to learn about the letter of the day. This week we move on to F through J. Each day our activities and stories revolve around the special letter. So be sure to check your child take home notes and ask them about their day. We will continue our journey through the Alphabet till May 10th.

We have lately seen some changes at Home Away From Home.

Ms Kathy has left us to have more time with her family. We certainly wish her the best. And Ms Molly after over 2 years at HAFH is moving on to a position with LaPetite. We wish her the best as she explores other options in education.

Ms Lauren Egbert has recently joined our staff working part time afternoons. She is currently enrolled in her second semester at St Louis Community College. Ms. Lauren is working towards a degree in education.

Romy Uelk who some of you know as “Lena’s mom” or “Ms. Ann’s oldest daughter” is helping out on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. Romy worked at HAFH during her high school and college years and the children are familiar with her so her transition to staff has been easy for all.

I am currently seeking a part time assistant. If you know of someone that you would recommend please have them contact me ASAP for details.